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How color psychology is good for your home
color psychology

How color psychology is good for your home


How color psychology is good for your home

We often think of beautifying our home by make changes in whatever way we love. We also appoint interior decorators for this propose. But do you know that there are certain other factors that should be considered while reorganizing your home.

What is color psychology ?

According to the Psychologists, vaastu consultants, feng shui experts and color therapists the colors that we are using in our homes house could have a deep effect on your emotional state.  Color psychology could actually be used like a tool to leverage one’s behaviors and emotions.

Best Color schemes

According to the Dr Snehal Deshpande, vaastu and feng shui professional consultant states, “The year 2004 was a year when a lot of energy changes happened. So people, who have homes made that year of after, should follow a certain theme. Even if you have done a renovation after 2004, including changing the floor of the house etc., you should follow this — use a light colored theme in the entire house.” Senhal suggests, “Off-whites, a touch of pink or peach should be used extensively. You could also opt for metallic colors like gold and silver.” If one feels angry and irritated most of the time they should opt for whites and gold to experience peace of mind.

Colors that provides cool

According to Seema Hingorrany, clinical psychologist- “I have had depression patients who have changed their house colors and reported to have felt much better. Subtle colors have a deep impact on the psyche and they play an important role in helping to calm you down completely.”

Color that you need to avoid

Dark heavy colors like dark pink, dark violet, dark peach, dark green provokes the fire element in the house and hence should be avoided. Also don’t paint your walls only with brown color.

Few remedies for your home

  • If you experience fire like pressure cooker burst, short circuit, bursting or breaking of bulbs etc., then you should use a combination of browns and dark blues to calm down the fire element.
  • If there are frequent disputed, conflicts, and fights in your house than place bunch of have fresh or artificial pink flowers. You could also use violet flowers or a combination of pink and violet flowers.
  • If you frequently lose temper or often feel angry in your room that have very bright colors you could switch to light colored rooms. Paint the walls in light shades of whites.




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