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how to reduce face fat in 25 days
Reduce Face Fat quickly (source: pinterest.com)

how to reduce face fat in 25 days

How to reduce face fat in 25 days

Even if you have slim body but you have bulgy thick face with lot of face fat, then you might end up being called as fat. The stubborn face fat usually deposits around your cheeks and chin making your face big and chubby. Reduce face fat using the tips we have provided in this post.

To reduce this stubborn face fat, follow these simple practices for just 25 days. You will see an amazing result on the 26th day, I bet:

Exercises to reduce face fat

Reduce Face Fat quickly

Reduce Face Fat quickly (source: pinterest.com)

Try some face exercises to reduce face fat:

1. Open your mouth wide

-Open your mouth wide as wide as possible for 1-2 minutes.
-Close your mouth to relax.
-Take deep breath, breathe out, and again fill your mouth with air. Repeat it for 10-15 times in a day.

2. Say “X” and “O”

-Speak “x” and “O” many time as a single stretch of your mouth.
-Now repeat it again but this time reversing the pattern “O” and “X”
-Do it for 10 times in a day.

3. Make faces like joker

-Just make as many as joker faces. You can also use your thumbs and index fingers to make different difficult faces.
-Place your index fingers on the outer edge of both the eyes and thumbs on both sides of your mouth.
-Now stretch your fingers upwards so that facial skin is stretched in the same direction.
-Stretch the face till the time you feel tension your skin.
-Repeat it for 10-12 mins in a day.

4. Rotate the air from left to right cheek and vice versa

-Breathe deeply.
-Close the mouth and move the air from left to right and right to left cheek until you hold the breath.
-Repeat it form 10-12 times a day.

Apart from these exercises you need to change your diet and sleeping pattern. Have a look at the following simple tips:

1) Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
When you became dehydrated, the face tends to bloat. Drinking excessive water will also detoxify your body and make your tummy feel full.

2) Eat healthy
Avoid junks and include healthy fruits and veggies in your diet. Avoid soda, sugary items, packed or canned drinks and foods.

3) Reduce salt/sodium consumption
Cutting down on sodium will also help lose face fat. Too much of sodium tends to dehydrate the body, making you feel bloated. Salt consumption must be as less as possible. Try having plenty of fruits and salads (without salt).

4) Never miss breakfast
Skipping breakfast is like fooling the body to increase the want to eat more during lunch. This is one of the best tips you can find on how to lose face fat.

5) Get good sleep
Get the sufficient sleep of 8-9 hours a day. Less sleep will make your face swollen and bloated.

6) Use make up tricks till the time you are trying out these exercises.
Till the time your arr trying out these fat reducing tips. You can use some makeup tricks to make your face appear thin. Apply bronzer or one shade darker foundation along your jawline to give it a shadow – type illusion.

7). Try hairstyles according to your face.
Go to your hairstylist, and undergo the style that makes your face appear slim.

Some Do’ & Dont’s:


You can go for liposuction if it suits your health conditions and budget.
Try to practice the correct posture while standing as bellowing your face makes it look chubby.
Include calcium-rich food in your diet as it reduces water retention.
Take a balanced diet.
Go on a low-calorie diet.

Don’t jump onto trying out easy ways to lose face fat.
Don’t take any medication without consulting a doctor as it induces water retention in your body.
Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.
Avoid smoking as it causes sagging and fine lines which make you look chubby.
Hope you will try these tips and reduce your face fat.

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