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Interesting facts and trivia of Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik (Source: www.pinterest.com)

Interesting facts and trivia of Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik ( Source: www.wattpad.com)

Interesting facts and trivia of Zayn Malik

  1. Zayn Malik was born on 12 January 1993 and a song writer and a very good singer and a former member of band name One Direction. He came on X Factor in 2010 and got eliminated and came back again and along with four other contestants he form a band name One Direction. In March 2015 of this year Malik announced his elimination from the band.

2. His father name is Yasir Malik who is a Pakistani married to an English who then converted to Islam. He has one older sister, Doniya, and two younger sisters, Waliyha and Safaa.

Zayn with his family

Zayn with his family(Source: rebloggy.com)

3. One direction song song “Forever Young” was leaked onto internet before its release. After this incident One direction was signed a 2 million contract with Syco record. One direction best song which climbed on every chart was  “Live While We’re Young”.

4. The album “Story of My Life” was commericially success all over the world. Till march 2015 they have sold  6.49 million albums and 23.7 million singles in the United States only.

5. After leaving the group Malik announced he has signed a deal with recording studio RCA Records.

6. Malik also known as “Bradford Bad Boy” of their group.

Zayn Malik with his fellow band members

Zayn Malik with his fellow band members (Source: www.sugarscape.com)

7. Zayn is fond of tattoo and having 12 tattoos till 2012. Dont know how much he got till now and where?

zayn-malik tattos

zayn-malik tattos (Source: www.popstartats.com)

8. Malik has inked his grandfather tattoo “والتر” in Arabic.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik (Source: www.pinterest.com)

9. He has voted hottest lad by Sugarscape and voted British GQ best dressed male in UK.

10. Voted 27th sexiest man on planet in Glamour’s World Magazine.



11. His fellow X Contestant was his girl friend but then he broke his relationship with her due to 6 years of age difference.

12. As Malik is muslim so  Conservatives in the religion have criticised him over Twitter.

13. If you meet Zayn and give him his fellow name he will follow back you on twitter.

14. Zayn Malik likes intelligent girl.

15. He loves Harry Potter series.

16. His favorite color is blue.

17. He love Jessica Alba or Megan Fox.

18. He lost his passport many times. One time he lost in the plane.

19. Zayn was a habitual of smoke but he has given up smoke.

20. Zayn revealed he has dated a triplet once.


21. A fan gave zayn a book called “why smoking is bad for you” and zayn broke down in tears, hugged her and said “I’m sorry”.


zayn-malik(Source: blog.ticketsdepot247.com)

22. He doesn’t know swimming but he said if her girl is drawing then he will try to dive in to rescue her.

23. When Zayn got the news that his granddad had passed away, It was the first time when his band members saw him crying.

24. In a funny way his fellow members once colored his hairs.

Zayn Malik with coloured hair

25. Zayn biggest fear is water thats why he doesnt want to swim.

26. His favourite cartoon is Pokémon is Oshawott.



27. He always brushes his teeth before going on stage.


28. Zayn Malik has called off his engangement with Perrie Edwards and then put their home on sale.

29. One of his hobbies is drawing.

30. After the release of Four, One Direction became the first band in the U.S. Billboard200 history to have their first four albums debut at number one.

31. Up All Night also became the first album by a boy band to sell 500,000 digital copies in the U.S. only and by August 2012 they had sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

32. Calvin Harris has come to the defense of gf Taylor Swift in a Twitter spat with Zayn Malik. The Scottish DJ was seemingly riled after Zayn retweeted a post.

33. Selena Gomez once said she loves him and want to meet him. He is awesome.

Selena with Malik

Selena with Malik (Source: www.youtube.com)

34. Zayn cried for a week when he found out santa didn’t exist.

35. Liam once gave Zayn personal dance lessons to boost his confidence .

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