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Want gold iPhone 6s free-Donate Sperm in China
iPhone 6s (Source: www.cnet.com)

Want gold iPhone 6s free-Donate Sperm in China

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s (Source: www.cnet.com)

After iphone 6s release I am sure you would be dreaming to have iPhone 6s, but have limited budget. You are made about iPhone 6s and ever thought to sell your kidney. Here is an amazing opportunity for you to get. You can get iPhone 6s by just donating sperms. Good news for Boys.

Sperm donation

Sperm donation

As per the report of Shanghaiist.com, a sperm bank associated with China’s Shanghai Number 1 hospital is now offering eligible donors a rose gold iPhone 6S for sperm donation. The eligibility for this exchange offer is:

  • The candidates need to have a Chinese identity card,
  • No genetic diseases,
  • A college degree, and
  • Must be 165cm tall.

Those who pass these eligibility criteria will undergo a full health examination by Rujin Hospital, worth around 1,000 RMB. This test will establish the fertility status of the candidates.

And finally those who pass this test will be given 6,000 RMB for a 17ml sperm sample. However, the donor should wait for at least 48 hours for next donation to the bank.

This unique offer has been catching the attention of people in China, still it is not disclosed that how many people have been registered.

Earlier it was reported that two Chinese men tried to sell their kidney for buying iPhone.

So have Iphone Features by just donating sperm. 😉

Aritcle credit: – timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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