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15 amazing wonder of science that will blow your mind. Don’t miss #7

Science has evolved over long period, and has now reached the peak of success. We are aware of lots of changes that science has done in our lives. You also have enjoyed learning science in your classes. At many occasions science has left us keep wondering about the reality. We have got 15 amazing wonder of science.

Following are some wonders of science that will blow your mind:

1.  When blood is added to hydrogen peroxide it happens. This reaction occurs due to an enzyme in blood called catalase. The same also happens with a cut potato.

Blood added to hydrogen peroxide

Blood added to hydrogen peroxide (source: imgur / the egyptian)

2. When soy sauce is poured on a dead cuttle fish, this happens…Isn’t it scary? This happen because soy sauce is very high in sodium and causes the nerves to become active and spasm.

Dead cuttle-fish on pouring soya sauce

Dead cuttle-fish (via imgur / theegyptian)

3. Do you have any idea what happens when you fill a bubble with smoke instead of air.

Smoke bubble

Smoke bubble (via residude)

 4. Want to see the effect of pocket Blu-ray laser. The 100 black balloons go toe-to-toe can withstand it for a second.

Effect of pocket Blu-ray laser

Effect of pocket Blu-ray laser (via giphy |WorldScott)

5. A magnetic liquid, Ferrofluid, is under demonstration. Make feel like Venom from Spider-man.

Ferrofluid, the magnetic liquid

Ferrofluid, the magnetic liquid (via cheezburger)

6. When the iron wool is set on fire using nothing more than a 9V battery.

 iron wool

iron wool(via imgur / Tkerst)

7. And this one is a magic, teenagers would love it. It might help them to save from parents suspecting eyes..joking…

via imgur / theegyptian

via imgur / theegyptian

8. When you use solar power on steel..It melts like…terrible

Solar power

Solar power (via reddit/u/SomeJagaloon)

9. Ahh..this one is deadly. Look what hemotoxic snake venom does to your blood.

Hemotoxic snake venom

Hemotoxic snake venom (via imgur / TheLastAmigo | oneGIF)

10. Though they have six legs, you’ll see that an ant walks with two sets of 3 legs. I guess there’s much less chance of tripping this way

six leg insect

via imgur / theegyptian

11. Did you know that no one can cry in space. In zero gravity (space) your tears will not fall, instead they will just pool around your eye as you see here

via imgur / ScottOtter | 4GIFs

via imgur / ScottOtter | 4GIFs

12. It looks like some jelly. Super slow-motion of what it looks like to take a water balloon to the face.

Slow-motion water balloon

Slow-motion water balloon (via imgur / Tkerst)

13. What happens when injecting a 3D printed organ with human liver cells. This may be a very important step for creating manufactured organs.

human liver cells

human liver cells (via tumblr / deductionandscience)

14. What happens if your morning cup of coffee rose up automatically asking you to gulp me in. But actually it is a combination of concentrated sulfuric acid and p-nitroaniline. Strange enough!!!

concentrated sulfuric acid and p-nitroaniline

concentrated sulfuric acid and p-nitroaniline (via giphy | 4GIFs)

15. Imagine if you have such flask for beer. This is Robert Boyle Self flowing flask, pretty cool.

Robert Boyle Self flowing flask

Robert Boyle Self flowing flask (via imgur / beehivedoom)

Source: scoopwhoop.com

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