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Interesting Facts for Kids
kid excited (source: singleparent-s.blogspot.com)

Interesting Facts for Kids

Interesting Facts for Kids 

Here is the list of some funny and Interesting facts for kids. Might be even adult don’t know these facts.

  1. When crocodiles don’t have anything to eat they often eat rocks.
Crocodile often eats rock

Crocodile often eats rock (Source: www.mirror.co.uk)

2. Australia is the only country on earth that occupies an entire continent.


Australia (Source: blog2.id.com.au)

3. When adult Lion roars, The sound of the roar can be heard from as far as 5 miles away. A Lion cant roar until its 2 year.

Lion Roaring

Lion Roaring (Source: viaviralnova.xyz)

 4. Four year kid ask around 400 questions per day. Now you got to know why your daughter or sister ask you so many questions. 

4 year old children keep asking questions

4 year old children keep asking questions (Source: www.youtube.com)

5. You should stand atleast 6 feet away from the person who is having common cold.

Stand 6 feet away

Stand 6 feet away (Source: kibayu.com)

6. Giant tortoises keep growing their whole lives.

Giant Crocodile

Giant Crocodile (Source: www.worldwildlife.org)

7. A bolt of lighting is about 6 times hotter then the sun.

extreme lightning bolts

extreme lightning bolts (Source: www.extrafm.lt)

8. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is thirteen seconds.

the flying chicken

the flying chicken (Source: artcelo.deviantart.com)

9. More than 5000 bodies have recovered from Niagara Fall till now.

Niagra Fall

Niagra Fall (Source: www.youtube.com)

10. Every year, New York moves 1″ further away from England.

New York

New York (Source: beoclick.com)

11. Toilet paper was invented in China in the late 1300s. It was for emperors only.

toilet paper

toilet paper( Source: www.reddit.com)

12. Monkeys can go bald in old age, just like humans can.

Monkey Bald

Monkey Bald (Source: www.natgeocreative.com)

13. If a mosquito is biting you and you stretch you flex your muscle, than it can explode.

Mosquito bite

Mosquito bite (Source: humannhealth.com)


14. The Empire State building was built with ten million bricks.

empire state building

empire state building (Source: www.empirestaterealtytrust.com)

15. Your brain is having about three quarters water.


Brain (Source: www.brainhealth.utdallas.edu)

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