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Is it OK to take your infant to movie theaters?

Is it OK to take your infant to movie theaters?

Movies are best considered for weekend break and perfect date for couple to spend some cute moments together. But this idea often lends many new parents in worry about how to enjoy the movie with their little one.

It is good idea if you leave your children at home or daycare while going in a theater. In case if these options doesn’t suits you and you are planning to take your infant to the movie theater, please note the following risk factors you baby is exposed to:

  1. The loud music and different lights can scare your child leading him to get irritable, confused, and crying. It may also disturb the sleeping pattern of your child.
  2. The sound level of movie theaters is around 110 to 115 decibel levels whereas 60 to 70 is a normal conversation decibel level. This could affect the hearing capacity of your child by damaging his ear drums.
  3. The AC’s in the movie theaters are maintained to low temperature keeping the theater cold, which is not an ideal temperature for 0-1 yr kid. This temperature variation could make your child prone to cold, cough, and fever.
  4. The movies convey different emotions to its audiences. Adult’s minds are fully developed and can bear any negative emotions like, fighting, loud screams, and cries. But these negative emotions surely put some negative impact on your infant’s mind.
  5. Taking to your child to such an area where hundreds of people with different health conditions already present makes your child prone to various seasonal infections and viral such as swine flu as air is re-circulated in such a closed area.
  6. If a child cries in between either of the parent have to come out from the hall to soothe the child, and he/she missed some good part of the movie. Also both the parents are stresses and not able to enjoy the movie. Sometimes, parents may feel frustrated and lose their cool with the baby.

So parents keep these points in mind before taking your little kid to movie theater.


Image source:  www.eventcinemas.com.au

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